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3 Trends to Track in the Coming Year, Part II

Three Trends to Track into the New Year

Perception Can Overrule Reality in Driving Behavior, but Reality Will Overrule Perceptions in Driving Outcomes

Iran Presents More Trouble on the Horizon for the U.S. Dollar

Internet Protocol Version 6 Will Provide Investment Opportunities

Answer Gone Fishing Until 2007

The True Determinants of Portfolio Returns Have Nothing to do with Asset Allocation

Free Markets & Free Trade = Controlled Markets & Controlled Trade

Claim Your Refund from the Highway Robbery Tax Levied by Banks

Commodities and Asians: Apparently, We All Look Alike.

It's Time to Keep a Close Eye on ICICI and HDFC

What Does Apple, this Year's Nobel Prize Winner, and Building Wealth All Require?

M&A Activity in the Investment Industry Bodes Poorly for the Retail Investor

A: A Big Thumbs Down to David Stern for Trying To Regulate Mark Cuban’s Free Speech

Watch out for the Laws of Substitution

The U.S. Federal Reserve has Perfected the Incredible Shrinking Dollar

The Ocean Becomes A New Growth Point in the World Economy

Are U.S. Markets Headed for a Soft or Hard Landing?

An i-bank That Undercuts the Fees of Traditional Banks Across the Board.

How Bruce Lee Made Me a Better Investor

A: 21 New Countries and 4 New Territories

How the Recency Effect Hurts Investors

What Does the December 3rd Presidential Elections in Venezuela Mean for Investors?

Central Banks Serve the Interests of the Moneyed Elite First and Foremost

Fantasy Land Beliefs Move Markets in the Short-Term. Reality Moves Markets in the Long-Term

A: There Will Soon be a Complete maalamalama Online Campus

The Parallel Mexican Government - A Thorn or a Spark that Will Ignite a Revolution

Does the End of U.S. Mid-Term Elections Mean Higher Gas Prices Again?

A: When a Picture is Worth More than a 1000 Words

I'm Playing Nostradamus Today

7 More Lessons of Investing I Learned from a Navy SEAL

7 Lessons of Investing I Learned from a Navy SEAL

Volatility in Your Portfolio Does NOT Equal Risk

How Will Understanding What McDonalds Really Sells Improve Your Investment Returns?

What if Buddha Invested?

A. 55 Countries, with a Sudden Boom in Swiss Readers

Be A Master of Few, Not a Student of Many to Improve Your Portfolio Returns, Part II

Be A Master of Few, Not a Student of Many to Improve Your Portfolio Returns, Part I

The Democrats Emphatic Win Last Week Doesn't Mean Much in the Short Term and I'll Tell You Why

Japan’s Economy Surprises Today

Consider the Good & the Ugly but Avoid the Bad

The Greatest Investment Myth Exposed: Why Modern Portfolio Theory Will NEVER Make You Rich

A: 42 Countries and Counting

What is One of the Core Fundamentals of Building Wealth?

A Story with Phenomenal Investment Appeal

The Peak Oil Theory was Created by....You Guessed it... Big Oil!

The Myth of Peak Oil is Melting Away….Literally

Sometimes Silence is Golden

A: To Address the Question, What if Your Vote Doesn’t Even Count?

The Top Mistake Investors Make

The Similarities Between Investing and Martial Arts

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper & Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany -the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Irrational, Not Rational, Behavior Often Drives Markets

The Myth Behind Record Highs in the Global Stock Market Indexes

A look at the record markets that aren't

The Safest Place to Invest in the Oil Industry Now? - Oil Refiners, Pipeline Manufacturers, Deep Sea Platform & Drilling Manufacturers, and 4-D Imaging Companies

You'll Find Ignored Investment Opportunities in the DRC and Libya

A: Protect Your On-Line Accounts

Conspiracy Theories

I’m More Like a Chess Player

The Financial Media are Like Bad Weathermen

Indian Banks Anyone? Four Letters: HDFC

Japan, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Canada and Australia - the Stock Market G8

Should You Ever Take Those Stock Recommendation E-mails Seriously?

So let me ask….are you suggesting investments in Africa as well?

A: God Wrote Me and He Lives in New Jersey.

Honesty is No Longer a Virtue at Many Large Investment Firms

Steve Wynn's Elbow and a $91 Million Blunder

Consider a Position in Inverse Funds

The Changing Global Economy will Lessen the Importance of the U.S. Stock Markets

Ben Bernanke is Wrong When He Says that Emerging Economies Will Rescue the U.S. Economy

Investment Opportunities in Africa

A: The Pursuit of Happyness

How has Prince Bandar bin Sultan Affected Oil Prices in Past Years?

A: Too Many Former KGB/ Mafia Business Connections

A: It Helps Me Write About Topics People Want to Read About

Shock and Awe Awaits Global Markets

Looking a Little Bit Smarter

Don’t Believe the Hype: Avoid Chineses Banks Stocks and IPOs

A maalamalama Reader’s List

A: New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

The Tides of Global Purchasing Power are Shifting

Is Gold's Correction Over Yet?

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany Stated, "We Lied Morning, Noon and Night"!

The Consumer Confidence Index - You Can Fool Some People Sometimes

When it Comes to Investing, China Isn’t the Only Country in Asia

State of Denial

Fiat Currency Concerns Give Rise to a Gold & Silver Backed Online Payment System

The Gold Timeline: A History of Gold Prices

Blogs en Español?

Investment Lessons You Can Learn From Bin Laden

It’s the Economy Stupid!

Are Markets 100% Efficient? Those That Sentenced Dynergy Tax Planner Jamie Olis Would Say Yes. I Say No.

The Quiet Before the Storm

The Deceptive Wizardry of Fund Managers

How are the U.S. Markets Like an Onion? When You Peel Away the Layers, It Will Make You Cry

A: I’m Not Looking So Smart...Yet

The Inextricable Link Between Politics and Investing

Why Can't the United States Build Goodwill in the International Community?

Nanotechnology: the Coming Revolution in Science Will Produce Many Millionaires

When it Comes to Investing, You Get What You Pay For

Has the Commodities Bubble Burst? No, No, No!

Why do people believe one of the dumbest, most flawed and deceptive measures of economic conditions in making their investment decisions?

Alternative Energy: the Time for This Investment has Not Yet Arrived

A Short-Term Trade

Sell the Rumor. Buy the News.

Why Book Smarts Won’t Help You Build Wealth

The maalamalama Movie List

A: Bangalore, Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, Droichead Nua, Amsterdam, & Toronto

Little Truth to "Official" Government Economic Statistics

Gold's Speculative Stigma is Unwarranted

Investment Psychology 101

The Peak Investment Crisis

Go Against the Crowd - It’s the Only Way to Build Wealth

Gold's Glitter is Genuine

What Mark Cuban Failed to Realize about Investing

The Worst Place to Park Your Stock Portfolio?

Old-School Beliefs of Old-School Investment Advisors are Headed for Extinction

To Become Wealthy You Must Abandon Widespread Beliefs About Investing

To Earn the Best Investment Returns, You Must Do It Yourself!

Dig Deep Down Into the Rabbit Hole to Find Investment Answers

Following Mainstream Financial Media Will Lead You Down a Disastrous Road of Investing

What Country Has the Worst Stock Market in the Developed World?

The Days of Buy and Hold are Over

Knowing Your History is More Important to Preserving and Creating Wealth Than Fundamental Analysis

How Can the Firms that Manage My Stock Portfolio Declare Record Earnings When the Returns of My Portfolio Stink?

How do you protect your stock portfolio during turbulent markets?

The Lowball End Theory of the Global Investment House

3 Ways to Find a Superior Financial Consultant: (1) Avoid Mutual Funds, (2) Don't Be Stingy & (3) Be Patient

Inflation Explained Simply

Following Short-term Market Fluctuations Will Create Poor Investment Decisions

Private Equity