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John Kim is an Ivy League, double Master degree graduate and a financial analyst for 15+ years whose work has been featured by Reuters, the Wall Street journal, the UK Financial Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, GATA, ZeroHedge and many more. However, this is the antithesis for why you should subscribe. The skwealthacademy newsletter by John Kim is a financial newsletter unlike any other. We are the absence of financial white noise that is the very embodiment of most other financial newsletters. Mr. Kim consistently presents real applicable and actionable investment ideas that have repeatedly yielded large profits - ideas that you will not uncover in any other financial/investment newsletter.

J. Kim is highly regarded for his analysis of gold and silver markets and well-known Precious Metals billionaire Eric Sprott has praised Mr. Kim’s gold market analysis in the past for his accuracy. This past year, Mr. Kim's calls on when to buy and sell BTC, as well as his weekly gold and silver price analysis delivered to skwealthacademy patrons, his call to short AMC stock before it immediately crashed 70% in shareprice among many other accurate calls have consistently been the best and of highest utility in the industry. As well, every single buy and sell call Mr. Kim has provided for BTC since late 2020 until today would have grown an initial $100,000 investment into $660,000. Mr. Kim accrued a loyal following on social media, racking up more than 13M views on his former YouTube channel, before constant shadowbanning and demonetization forced him to turn to substack simply to gain an audience for the financial truths about which he refused to stop speaking.

Mr. Kim has gained a reputation for scooping critical investment and financial events often weeks and months before even the largest financial sites in the world report on them, and his unique perspectives and different outlooks on some of the biggest financial stories have garnered his articles millions of reads. Mr. Kim discussed banker gold and silver price manipulation decades before the mainstream was willing to broach this subject, called the US stock market crash in 2008, the exact price top of BTC in 2017, the exact price bottom of BTC in July 2021, another BTC price top again in November 2021, the silver price top in 2021 at $30 and much more!

For bonus financial analysis about PMs, cryptos, commodities and stocks every week, including numerous investment tips that have returned well over 100% returns in less than a year, consider subscribing to Mr. Kim’s skwealthacademy patreon channel here. Please note that this platform, which focuses more on macroeconomic topics versus his skwealthacademy patreon platform, which focuses on microeconomic topics like individual stock picks, are two separate platforms with different content and separate subscription services. However, on occasion, when Mr. Kim discusses specific investment opportunities on this platform, he will provide exact prices for assets for which he issues buy and sell opinions. For all assets on which he issues buy opinions, he will issue sell opinions at first to the downside to protect capital, and if the assets become profitable, he usually offers multiple sell opinions, initially to protect profits and then prices at which to exit assets (regarding these buy/sell opinions, please read the disclaimer below).

Within the discussions of investment assets on this platform, J. Kim often discusses price volatile assets as it is impossible to build wealth fast without investing in price volatile assets. Though, of course, Mr. Kim always tries to limit downside risk when issuing buy prices on assets, one should understand that calling exact bottoms and tops in asset prices is impossible. Therefore, there may be investment periods when an investor is called upon to endure volatile price periods to the downside. An investor should never have the expectation of always being profitable during all investment periods as such expectations are highly unrealistic.

Here are J. Kim’s other channels and platforms:

Telegram: t.me/skwealthacademy

Patreon: https://patreon.com/skwealthacademy

GoFundMe: https://gofundme.com/f/skwealthacademy

To learn more about his wealth building Academy launch, please visit his website. If you would like to help support Mr. Kim with a small financial contribution for all of the articles he publicly publishes, please visit this link here. Finally, of course, if you would like to subscribe or gift a subscription, please click the buttons below! Paying subscribers will receive access to subscription only articles as well as access to the full skwealthacademy substack archive.

What People are Saying About J. Kim’s skwealthacademy Substack Newsletter

“You have helped me stop the habit of losing money. Up 30% since I joined your team…Thanks for all the insight.. I found you earlier on ZH and started following and reading. Joined Patreon and began utilizing your methods July 25.. Because I stopped my stupid mistakes and refuse to take losses, I am up $30K utilizing $90K. $10K paper and rest earned. Nice to see increases in the acct in this environment. Thanks for the hard work!” – Richard B.

“Thanks John! For those free dabblers on the cusp I would like to say that John and his advice/predictions/insight/experience is worth far more than the entrance fee. Get in here, get learnt, and invest wisely for real positive returns! You do need to invest time and monitor things daily in my opinion. Get passionate about it and it isn't a chore. UUUU is up 16.84% in 22 days! Chur!” - Ryan A.

“John, Your recommendations and profit/loss ratios are the best that I have been able to find, and I wish I had discovered you sooner.” - Derff

“Accurate as stated! My only regret is not joining last year. Thanks John.” - Anthony

“John's analysis of price movements in various equities turns out to be very accurate. I always look at recommendations from various sources to see if they use past market statistics to predict future performance. If that turns out to be true then I totally disregard their recommendations since it is like driving down a freeway with your eyes firmly fixed on your rear view mirror. John's track record is really excellent and I would strongly recommend joining his Substack channel.” – Harley O.

“John Kim and his skwealthacademy have been instrumental in a number of winning trades presented to his subscribers over the past few years. John has a knack for ferreting out a consistent parade of trades that have increased my trading account value tremendously. I would highly recommend that you subscribe to his Substack channel and benefit from his knowledge and expertise in traversing the Arena known as the Stock Market. You won't regret it! Happy trading, All." – Alex E.

“My God you have been so right about crypto and they have been so wrong. My brother was going to buy at $60k because of Riskhedge and I told him not to based on [your suggestion that BTC] could fall to the $20k mark. Saved him a lot of money…keep up the great work John.” – A Satisfied Subscriber

“John Kim offers simple honest financial advice. He is excellent at his craft and explains his reasons for each trade. John works hard for his money and I consider his financial advice the best on the street. I may have 10 to 15 emails to read and I will always read John Kim first. Great guy to have on your team as we try to increase our assets.” – Kevin H.

“Thank you. your report gives me a clearer understanding of your approach to investing and a comfort level knowing such. It's kind of like having a TA and FA [with] John. Glad I am on board with you for the wild ride ahead.” – MorePaul

“You seem to have been in that very small group of ‘thinkers’ in which I have lived for over half a century, John. I hold extremely few people in awe in this sad world, but Hugo Salinas Price and Mr. John Kim are among them. HSP’s relentless unparalleled efforts to get Mexico on a silver standard currency is pure genius. My hope is that soon he will succeed in that mission.” – aJoseph

“Found you through your article yesterday. What impressed me most was your clear sighted understanding of how manipulated these markets are, and the criminals that control them. Absolutely, TA alone isn't sufficient. Happy to have found someone who has access to, and understanding of, manipulation metrics.” – Blueheadinvestor

“Mr. Kim of skwealthacademy is undoubtedly one of the best writers of our time, he writes the best articles on Zero Hedge without fail.” – Dave

“Great work tho! Very much appreciate following your insights and analysis. Def making me money and not losing money.” – Aldous

“Correct & accurate analysis. Brilliant meta analysis. Thank you for putting in the work & discipline & sharing with us.” – Joseph M.

“Mr. Kim has, along with Ted Butler and Andrew Macguire, the best understanding and expositions of the longstanding silver and gold suppression efforts by the powers that be. I can only hope he has an idea to share with us of how much longer they can keep the lid on the pot.” – Robert R.

“Excellent analysis and prediction. You're amazing.” – Wayne (in reference to my prediction that BTC prices, when trading at $21k, would crash to $17k in six weeks)

“I have benefited greatly from the skwealthacademy by J. Kim. it is of most benefit to me that I don't have to second guess myself and have someone I trust to rely on.” - Jean

Disclaimer: No information dispensed on the skwealthacademy substack platform should be considered financial advice. All decisions based upon information provided here should be performed with the consultation of a professional investment advisor. All financial analysis and investment opportunities discussed here is presented for informational purposes only. No refunds are available after payment for this newsletter has been processed, as access is provided to all valuable research after payment.

John Kim and skwealthacademy do not accept any liability for any losses that arise from any use of information on this website, and all people that access any information on this website (including all links) on any platform accept 100% responsibility for all outcomes that result from acting on any opinions or information dispensed on this website. Unauthorized access and sharing of login credentials, reproduction of information on this website on other websites, or sharing of information by any means is illegal and will be prosecutable to the fullest extent of the law.

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John Kim 

Ivy League disrupter & educator providing highly profitable, non-traditional investment strategies. J. Kim predicted the 2008 global market collapse, BTC's 2017 top and near exact 2018 & 2021 bottoms. In 2022, his Patreon portfolio yield was +69.5%.