How the Ruling Class Hacked Our BehaviorWatch now (10 min) | And the Prescience of the 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell
I am issuing a sell opinion for one of our stocks, given its underperformance due to specific operational issues that I discuss below.
Lately, I’ve been confused by the onslaught of mass media articles about how the US and European banking systems are fine because of the various…
The End of Western Civilization, Part VWatch now (26 min) | JP Morgan's rot and the continuing blackout of Western media on the driving economic motives behind the continuation of Ukraine War
And a discussion of whether or not you need to be worried about a continuing drop in prices
I have issued another buy opinion for another stock at its current market price. I will update the open grid over the weekend.skwealthacademy by J. Kim…
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An Inconvenient Life is the Key to Ensuring Your Financial LifeWatch now (6 min) | This past week, in this article, I wrote that the reason for simultaneous withdrawals from a small percentage of bank customers…
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