Haters and Discipline

How to deal with haters and why discipline is necessary to achieve anything worthwhile in life

May 26, 2023

Above I speak of discipline as an essential ingredient of achievement and why a lack of discipline will cause failure every single time. There have been times, especially when I’m issuing buy opinions for stocks, that it is necessary to wake up at 5:30AM or even 5AM daily for a few weeks on end, even when I’d much rather sleep in to 6AM. And many times when I maintain that discipline, I don’t even issue any buy opinions because after completing my couple hours of early morning analysis, the conditions are not right to issue any buy opinions. This situation has manifested several times this week.

But guess what? It would be impossible to provide my best guidance on my stock picks without maintenance of discipline. I could say to myself, “You know what, I was up to midnight last night, and I really don’t feel like waking up at 5AM today. I think I am going to sleep in until 7AM (9AM EST).” And I have no doubt that it would have been impossible to return 69.5% returns for all picks last year to my patrons and that if I were lazy, I probably still would have been able to return 20% returns to them instead for 2022, in a year that the US markets lost 20%, and most of my clients would have been very satisfied with that 40% outperformance. But discipline is the difference between achieving excellence among all hard workers and dwelling in mediocrity for the entirety of your life.

Most people don’t understand that excellence is a choice, based upon habit and not achieved because someone is more talented than you. And with that, I present to you today’s 12-minute skwealthacademy podcast on this topic above.

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