Jun 14, 2022 • 52M

Are You Living Truth or Drowning in a Sea of Deception?

If you're not happy with your state of life, it is because you have not answered this question

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John Kim
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The topic of today’s podcast, one that to date, will be the most important one I’ve posted on this platform, is “Are You Living Truth or Drowning in a Sea of Deception?” The reason this podcast is so important is the answer to this question has determined whether you’ve made good money in the stock market this year or have lost a ton, have not lost a cent or lost the shirt off your back in cryptos, have had fulfilling relationships this year or the worst in many years, and are at a good point in your career or feeling rudderless and without direction.

If the latter negative, and not the former positive parts of the above scenarios apply to you, then it’s time to pause and take some introspection to determine why your life is not proceeding as desired. Often we blame others and external events for things that are not going right in our lives, but ultimately, we should refuse to engage in self-deception and take responsibility for the decisions in our lives that have hopefully enabled us to rise above the white noise and excel in truth or that have perhaps unfortunately kept us mired in quicksand, feeling like Sisyphus for all of our lives, taking one step forward but then always taking two steps back. The difference between living in truth or deception is that periods of struggle are much easier to overcome if we find and reside in the narrow paths of truth that hide from us in our world of deceit.

Whether or not others are the cause of us drowning in a sea of deception due to the con games they have executed upon us, in the end, we must always take responsibility for the negative consequences that result from placing our trust in such fraudsters. Even if we have been the victim of their con games, as many fraudsters have become multi-millionaires on the downfall of their gullible followers in recent years, especially in the investment game, the fact that we have failed to easily identify, and thus avoid these fraudsters, lies squarely on us. If we were constantly working every day to live truth, then we would have identified them as fraudsters from the jump despite whatever fake façade of expertise they may have conjured up.

I recorded this podcast in the hope that its content helps each one of you realize your deepest truth in every aspect of your life. Though such topics often fail to interest the majority of people, I really hope that everyone that has read this far will not only listen to the full podcast today, but also give a little of yourself to our community here by sharing comments below and providing some wisdom and insight that you have extracted in your journey to truth below.

Finally, apologies for not including my thoughts on future BTC price behavior should it breach $20k as I wanted to keep this podcast under an hour. I’ll likely include those thoughts with the next posted article.

Have a beautiful day, don’t forget to give gratitude for all that is good in your life despite the occasional struggles, and bless up.

J. Kim

Chief Education Officer, skwealthacademy

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