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Decline of Civilization, PIII: How Absentee Parenting Created an Epidemic of Suicide & Homicide and the Minions of Andrew Tate

A Review of My 2022 Predictions that Came True

Once You Become Fearless, Life Becomes Limitless

Deconstructing the "Explanations" for the 2022 BTC Price Crash

How to Utilize Our Neuroplasticity to Achieve Our Goals Instead of Allowing it Work Against Us

2022 Year Wrap Up

skwealthacademy's J. Kim v. ARK Investment's Cathie Wood: A Comparison of Yields in 2022

Buy Opinion Issued

Quick Update This Morning

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The Explosive Growth of this Market is a BAD Omen for 2023

Added Another Buy Opinion

Bankers Desire to Turn Us All into Sisyphus But Here's How to Avoid This

Moving Exit Price Higher for One More Stock in Our Open Positions

Just Re-Posting the Open/Closed Grid of all skwealthacademy substack stocks from 22 Nov, plus a NEW Exit Strategy for One of Our Open Positions that Has Soared the Past Couple of Days

Make Jack Accountable: Sell and Short Square

Idiocy, if it Agrees with the Narrative of the MIB Complex, is Sadly Being Redefined as Intelligence

The Decline of Western Civilization, P.2

Wall Street and BTC Maximalists Spread Propaganda That This Asset Is Risky, Dead, and a Horrible Hedge Against Inflation. But Here’s the Reality

Issued a Buy for a Second Stock Right Now

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My Monday and Tuesday Price Predictions Came True. What's Next?

The Sucker's Ploy

Publications Will Be Leaner This Week

This is What to Expect for Gold/Silver Prices this Week

Here's Why We Should Expect One of the Worst Flu Seasons Ever This Year

Alternative PM Allocation Model

What is True Courage?

A Quick Addendum: What Behind the Scenes Action in the Synthetic Paper Gold/Silver Markets is Forecasting for 2023

24 Hours Left on Our Holiday Sale

What Behind the Scenes Action in Synthetic Paper Gold/Silver Markets is Forecasting for 2023

A Buy Opinion for a Stock

My Suggested Gold/Silver Splits for Specific Gold/Silver Assets Currently Open in My substack Portfolio

skwealthacademy is Moving to a Gold Standard

Issued a Buy Opinion for One More Stock Right Now

Why Everyone that Says Timing the Market is Impossible is Wrong

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The Sinister Agenda Behind the WEF's Green Energy Push

The Sinister Agenda Behind the WEF's Green Energy Narrative that No One Understands

New Position Added to the skwealthacademy Portfolio

The 9th Dumbest Thing Said About BTC

This Specific Asset is Getting Ready to Explode Higher in Price

What US Junk Bond Yields are Telling Us

Bitcoin Price Outlook this Week

Signs of the Decay of Civilization, Part 1

The 8th Dumbest Thing Said About BTC

No Bank Account is Safe...Really

Everything Wrong with the Conventional Definition of Intellect (and Why it May Even Cost You Your Life)

The True Definition of a Winner's Mentality

An Updated Grid of the skwealthacademy Portfolio of Open Positions

Adding Another Buy Opinion to My Open skwealthacademy Portfolio

To Be or Not To Be Scammed, That is the Question

As Promised, a Quick and Dirty Summary of Yields for All Stock Picks on My Patreon Platform

Only A Little More Juice to Be Squeezed From This Lemon

The Man-Made Global Warming Scam is the New Covid

Yields on All Substack Investment Picks for 2022

Most BTC Analysts are Akin to the Band on the Deck of the Sinking Titanic

Lessons from the FTX Debacle

The Weekend Rant: Purpose and Principle

There Has Not Been a More Accurate Bitcoin Analyst in the World than ???

An Emergency Bitcoin Price Update

Quick Update to Our Open Portfolio Based Upon My Exit Strategies Issued Yesterday

Well, That Didn't Take Long. A Follow Up to My $17,000 BTC Price Prediction Issued Two Days Ago

The Most Difficult Analysis of the Week

Updated Exit Strategies Guarantees Massive Profits for Two of Our Open Positions

I've Issued Preliminary Exit Strategies for a Number of Our Open Assets

BTC Likely to Head to What Price???

I Need Your Help to Ensure the Continuity of this Newsletter

Essential Strategies to Earn Massive Profits During Crashing Markets, Part II

More Keys to Earning Substantial Profits During Crashing Markets

Don’t Let the Investment World Charlatans Sell You Their Bad Deals

Updated Buy Opinion on Our Open Positions Issued Now

Updated Commentary on Our Open 9 Positions

Update to My "Very Important Pre-Market Update" Issued this Morning

The ONLY Chart You Need to See to Understand that After US Mid-Term Elections, Risk RETURNS!

Very Important Pre-Market Update

Adding Two More Assets to Our Open "Portfolio" of 7

The Most Important Investment Tip that Will Forever Improve Your Investment Returns

Exit Strategies for Our Open 7 Positions

Central Bankers and Wall Street Have Always Declared Owning Gold is Anti-American. Here’s Why It’s the Most American Thing You Can Own

A Broken Global Academic System: Intellectual Decay & Rising Narcissism

Exit Strategies for Open Positions Coming Very Soon

World War III is Here, Part II

World War III is Here, and Here’s the Likely Continued Progression of the War from Economic Sanctions to Military Actions

Mohamed El-Erian: From One of the Largest Feds Cheerleaders at Pimco to One of its Biggest Detractors at Allianz

You Need to Watch This

Why a US Treasury Bond Market Flash Crash is Inevitable Under These Market Conditions

A Great Secondary Tool to Identify the Proper Time to Buy PM Mining Stocks

PART III: How Pig Butchering Keeps Us Invested in Losers and Pigs Can Fly Causes Us to Avoid the Winners

The Incredible Shrinking Silver Inventory Saga Continues

Everyone Seems to Have Forgotten About the Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

Which is More Absurd: Spot Silver Prices or Silver Coin Premiums?

The 7th Dumbest Narrative About BTC

Understanding the Macro Game is the Key to Earning Significant Yields from Price Volatile Assets

US Central Bankers Are Going Rogue

The Antidote to Tribalism Delusions

The Dumbest Narrative About Gold

How Delusional Tribalism Negatively Affects Investment Yields

Buy Opinion for One More Stock

Kerch Bridge and Nordstream Pipeline Destruction Near Guarantee Higher Future Gold Prices

The Perfect Storm for BTC is Developing Right Now

Part II: Pigs Can Fly

Buy Opinion Issued for One More Stock

Pig Butchering and Pigs Can Fly

New Alternative Sell Prices

I've Updated Selling Guidance on Two Stocks RIGHT NOW

Updated Exit Strategies for 2/6 Stock Holdings at this Time

Technical Analysis as a Primary Means to Buy and Sell Stocks is Hot Garbage: Always Weeks Late and $1,000's Short

The Orwellian Absurdity of the Term "Bank Run"

the MFM: always a month LATE and $1,000 SHORT

5 Oct 2022: This is the Direction BTC and ETH Prices are Heading in the Immediate Term

How Our Psychological Mindset Determines Whether We Reap Significant Investment Gains or Significant Investment Losses

Conventional Thinking Almost Always Produces Losses in Irrational Markets

The Ramification of Bank of England Bailout of the UK Pension Market on the USD, US Bond Markets & Global Commodity Markets

Preliminary Exit Strategies for 3 Stocks We Are Holding Now Per My Issued Buys

Stay Tuned for My Exit Strategies on These Five Stocks

I Just Opened Up a Very Limited Number of Patreon Memberships

How to Avoid Becoming a Target

The Mass Distributed Investment Lies That Will Cause You to Miss Taking Necessary Action RIGHT NOW to Protect Your Wealth

All Buy Opinions Issued

Releasing Buy Opinions for Three Stocks

Quick Update on a Previously Discussed Stock

Update on the Launch of My Online Academy

How High Will the Dollar Go?

Use My 9 Rules of Investing to Find a Credible Financial Analyst

The Inextricable Link Between Politics and Investing, Part II

What's on Tap for 26 - 30 September?

Here's What Bullion Bank Behavior is Forecasting For Gold/Silver Prices

Follow Up on My Forecast from Yesterday and Gold And Silver Price Outlook for 23/09/22

For Best Portfolio Returns, Why You 100% Do NOT Need a Financial Advisor

A Bonus Post for a Couple of Stocks

Update on Gold, Silver, BTC Price Forecasts for 22/09/22

After Interest Rate Hike Commentary

Weekly Update: US Junk Bond Yields, Fed Funds Rate Hike Today, Forex Pairs

How skwealthacademy Answers the Questions That Mainstream Financial Analysts Only Ask Weeks and Months Later

9 Rules to Consistently Yield Profits in a Consistently Volatile Investing Environment, Rules 5 - 9

Substack Member Request Fulfilled: How My Patreon Platform MicroAnalysis Delivered This Week Differs From the MacroAnalysis Provided Here

Investing For Dummies: 9 Rules for Success in a Difficult Investment Environment

Are Lower Lows Now on the Way for BTC and ETH?

One final update below

Updated Selling Opinions for Our Industrial Commodity Stocks

As Promised...

A Pre-Market Update to My Sell Opinions

An Overview of My Outlook for Tech, PM and Industrial Commodity Stocks

Update Now Available for a Group of Discussed Stocks

Why It's Not Mission Impossible to Easily Separate the Wheat from the Chaff in the Pool of Thousands of Financial Analysts

What 3 Card Monte, WallStreetBets and Technical Analysis Have in Common

How I Use the MacroEconomic/Finance Concepts I Discuss on this Platform to Identify Proper Entry and Exit Prices for the Individual Stock Picks I Provide Here

Phase I of My BTC and ETH Price Predictions for September is Playing Out as I Predicted

Another Buy Opinion for a Stock

Why the US Physical Gold/Silver Market is Irrelevant v. the Asian Market

Added Some More Commentary

The Great Silver & Gold Disappearing Act

I've Issued Sell Opinions for This Group of Stocks

What's in the skwealthacademy Pipeline?

Two More New Stocks

Is the Price Reversal for Gold, Silver, BTC and ETH Here?

Self-Censorship is a Massive Problem Among Financial Analysts

I've Been Waiting for the Proper Time for This Trade All Year

Stack or Cash?

Here is What Nobody Else is Telling You About the Proposed Moscow World Standard Precious Metals Price Fix

Here is Why You Must Stop Listening to Long Term Asset Price Predictions

Added One More Stock

False Breakouts and Patience, Patience & Patience

Why Someone that Buys Into the Overexaggerated Threat of Nuclear War Also Shares the Same Mindset With Perpetually Losing Investors

Issuing Buying Opinions for a Few Stocks

Why Patience is Not a Preferred Quality, But an Essential Quality, for Repetitive Investment Success

Get Ready for BTC and ETH Price Volatility to Start Spiking at the End of this Month Into September

This is EXACTLY What I Predicted Would Happen in Gold/Silver Markets Today After Jerome Powell's 10AM Speech

What Does the Historical 15:1 Gold to Oil Price Ratio Mean for Future Gold & Oil Prices?

How Wall Street Exploits the Gambler's Mindset of the Retail Investor

A Summary of All Yields of skwealthacademy Patreon Stock Picks for the Past Year

Just a Quick Update on Previously Discussed Stocks

A Current Statistic About Gold Mining Stocks That Will Absolutely Dumbfound You

Pre-Market Outlook, 22 Aug 22

Well, That Didn't Take Long!

A Review of My 17 August Pre-Market Gold/Silver Price Predictions

Why Are Analysts That ALWAYS Ignored Risk Suddenly Talking About It NOW?

This US Market Rally Will Not Last

The Threat of Nuclear War is Being Relentlessly Overexaggerated to Distract Us From the Great Reset and the Massive Wealth Transfer Taking Place

Why Gold is a Central Issue in the Proxy NATO Russia War Being Fought in Ukraine

How Quantum Physics Dispels the Utility of Technical Analysis as a Primary Tool

Updated Opinions Provided for Our Group of Stocks Per the Original Post Published on 05 July 22

How the Two Dirty Words of Investing, Due Diligence and Patience, Will Grant You Success While Everyone Around You Fails

Illusions Always Disintegrate in Time

Releasing More of My Premium Rokfin Content for Absolutely FREE Today

A Foolproof Way to Identify the Financial Analyst "Stars" That are Actually Frauds

Capital Controls Are Coming for Gold, Silver, and Cryptocurrencies

Why a Strong and Balanced Mind, Body & Spirit is Critical to the Production of Consistent, Sustainable Investment Returns

Have Gold/Silver/Platinum Finally Bottomed?

The Case of the JP Morgan Six

Quick Update on Our Group of Five

How This Next Gen Technology Will Revolutionize the Energy Sector

Everything is Higher...But for How Long?

Why You Shouldn't Summarily Dismiss My "Unofficial" Investment Opportunities

The Significant Implications of the Arrest of 3 Coinbase Executives on Higher BTC and ETH Prices

Too Many People Ignore Investment in this Energy Sector Because of False Beliefs

Clearly, Analyzing Banker Manipulation of Asset Prices is the ONLY Reliable Consistent Methodology to Build Wealth

Beware the MIB Shills

Updated Selling Opinions on Two Stocks Now Posted

I Just Issued a Buy Opinion for the Stock I Discussed Yesterday

Two Unofficial Investment Opportunities

To Predict Events that Will Come True, Follow Political/Financial Developments in This Region

We're Buying Back into One Stock Now

The One Word Answer Why the Euro is at Par with the USD Right Now

What Are the Two Most Likely BTC Price Outcomes Moving Forward?

Leave the Shortcut Society Today for a Better Life

During Monetary Crises, Gold or BTC?

Our Group of Five

Risk On!

Is There a Better Way to Stack Physical Gold and Silver than DCA?

Updated Selling Guidance for the Stock We Purchased Today

Issuing Buying Opinion for One More Stock

Why You Should Immediately Think "Risk" When You Hear the Words "Risk Free"

Update For Our Stocks

A Review of a YouTube Financial Discussion: Substance or Entertainment Only?

All Financial Analysts Should Relentlessly Pursue Excellence as the Cornerstone of Their Work, But Do They?

The Pomp & Circumstance of YouTuber Financial Analysts

Epilogue: The False Gold Narratives

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Oil Price Manipulation Game and All the $380 Oil Price Predictions

Gold and Silver Price Predictions for the Week of 5-8 July 2022

UPDATE: Issued Buy Opinion on One Additional Stock Just Now

UPDATE: The Group of Stocks for Which I've Just Released Buy Opinions

It's Buying Time for Some of the Specific Group of Stocks I've Recently Discussed

How Low Will Bitcoin Go?

The Most Valuable Lessons Learned from the Mistakes of "Buy the Dip" Investors to Ensure a Profitable Second Half in 2022

Is There Really a Difference in the Quality of Analysis Dispensed by YouTuber and Prepubescent TikToker Financial Analysts?

(Don't) Buy the Dip!

Part III: The Most Important Article You Will Read All Year, The Investment Opportunity

How Reigniting a Love for Reading Can Save Humanity

An Error Free “5 of the Dumbest Claims About BTC” Podcast Has Been Reloaded

5 of the Dumbest Things Stated About BTC

Why You Must Understand the BTC Gold Relationship to Have Success Investing in Either Asset

Can You Identify Asset Price Predictions Provided in Good Faith v. Those Designed to Get Clicks and Views?

How Hackers Almost Brought Down a Global Corporate Giant and Could Bring Down BTC, and Why Air Gapped Systems are NOT Safe from CyberAttacks

How Can Sincerity and Authenticity Actually Be Negative Traits in a Financial Advisor?

The First Two Pages of My Rokfin Videos, Previously Behind a Paywall, Are Now Absolutely Free!

Will Crypto Raiders Cause BTC and ETH Prices to Fall Much Lower?

A Very Quick Note

The Most Important Article You Will Read All Year, Part I

Risk Continues to Explode Higher in this Market

BTC Still Risky at $22,000 or a Massive Buying Opportunity?

Are You Living Truth or Drowning in a Sea of Deception?

How J. Kim of skwealthacademy Has Been Helping Thousands Avoid the Lies of the Cryptocurrency Echo Chamber Since Last Year

Why Hope as an Investment Strategy is a Wealth Killer

More Stock Updates

Stock Updates!

Buyer Beware! The Hopium Remains Strong Among Crypto Analysts

Social Media Has Made Hope the #1 Global Retail Investment Strategy

Why It's Critically Important to Understand BOTH the Micro and Macro Outlook at ALL Times

How the False Narrative of the Strong US Dollar is Built

Pre-Market Updates for Our Two Stocks for 1 June 2022

Last Comments of the Day for Our Two Stocks

Update to My Update

Updated Selling Guidance for Our Two Stocks

Market Outlook: 30 May - 3 June 2022

Current BTC Price Crash: Opportunity or Last Chance to Exit Before Further Pain?

Our Special Introductory Subscription Rates End Tomorrow at 5:30AM EST

And This Chart Illustrates Exactly Why I Issued Strong "Don't Sell" Opinion, Re: Our Second Stock, Earlier Today

Quick Follow Up to My Buy Opinion for the Most Recent Two Stocks I've Discussed Here

The Comical Expertise of Most Dispensed Financial "Advice"

Is BTC Really Low-Risk at These Prices?

Buying Guidance for a Couple of Stocks

Risk: The Most Misunderstood and Misapplied Principle in Life

The Chart That Reveals the Bank of Russia Has Been Co-Opted by Western Banking Forces, Part II

The Chart That Reveals the Bank of Russia Has Been Co-Opted by Western Banking Forces

A Post-Mortem on My Put Option Strategy and the Answer to the Question, "Did We Sell Too Early?"

Safety in Numbers is an Investment Industry Created Illusion

What Now for BTC?

Lessons Learned from Luna Coin and TerraUSD's Collapse that Will Save Your Financial Life

The skwealthacademy live discussion thread: Execute GOTS will begin in half an hour

Aggressive Traders: Close out the Final Half of Our Put Option Strategy at 146.02% Profits

What You Must Understand to Survive the Changing New World Order

The Crypto Elephant Still Being Ignored During the Latest Crypto Carnage

GOTS: the skwealthacademy live discussion thread pushed to Saturday

Added Bonus for Paying Subscribers

Aggressive Traders: Sell 50% of our Open Put Options now for 143.36% Profits, Sell the Other Half According to My Guidance

Why Thinkers Like Subcomandante Marcos are Exactly the Type of People You Should Follow for Financial Guidance

Aggressive Traders, We're Still Holding Our Puts Even Though We Could Have Easily Divested At Well Over 120% Profits Today

Risk in this Market Has Exploded Higher, So Why Haven't Gold and Silver Prices Followed?

My Thoughts on the Ongoing Cryptocurrency Crash

Another Quick Update for Aggressive Traders on My Put Option Strategy

The Secret Sauce to My Investment Success (That has Yielded Enormous Returns on my Patreon and Substack Platforms), Part 2

The Secret Sauce to the Enormous Yields I've Produced in the Investment Opportunities I've Discussed Here on Substack and on My Patreon Platform, Pt. 1

Friday live discussion thread delayed

Aggressive Traders, Very Quick Update to My Put Options Strategy

Connect and Progress Through Discomfort

Moderate Risk Traders, Exit Our Put Option Strategy Today for 89.55% Profits

Is the Bank of Russia Part of the Global MIB (Military Industrial Banking complex) or Are They Pulling a Rope-a-Dope with Gold?

Conservative Traders, Consider Closing My Put Option Strategy at a 55.75% Profit Now

The Single Most Important Character Trait to Cultivate for Sustained Investment Success

The 29 April skwealthacademy live discussion thread

BTC and ETH Investors, Ignore the Critical Lessons of My 2021 DOGE Article at Massive Risk to Your Future Financial Health

Another Mass Financial Media Narrative That Will Fail in the Future

How Low Will US Stock Markets Go?

Follow Up to "Time to Short This Stock?"

The Crashing Yen Has Dominated Global Financial Media But This is a Mere Distraction from the REAL Currency Pairs You Should Be Following

The 22 April 2022 Live Discussion Thread is Still Happening

The 22 April Live Discussion Thread: Why Crypto Regulations Will Not Be Net Beneficial For All Cryptos

Time to Short This Stock?

US Corporate Junk Bond Yields Have Been Steadily Rising

I Told Everyone Last Year of the REAL Impetus Behind the 2022 Shanghai Lockdowns

The regular skwealthacademy live discussion thread for tomorrow 15 April 2022 has been cancelled

I’m Calling Out Rich Dad Poor Dad on His 50% of Americans Will Perish Hysteria

This Junior Mining Company is a Solid Buy Right Now

Media Continues to Report Future Crypto Regulations as Crypto Price Positive. They Will Not Be.

I Predicted the Introduction of BTC ETFs Would Create Large BTC Price Crashes. They Did. This is What I’m Predicting Next for BTC

8 April 2022, Live Discussion Thread Topic: How Do We Know if We Are Informed? (and how willful ignorance will ALWAYS kill your investment returns)

Will Russia's Decision to Peg the Ruble to Gold Create a "Russian Gold Put"?

Central Bankers and Gold: Do What I Do, Not What I Say

The 1 April 2022 Live Thread Just Ended

1 April 2022, re: the Friday skwealthacademy discussion thread

You MUST Understand How the Tail Wags the Dog for Investment Success

Another Day, Another Coordinated Attack

Understanding the Central Bankers' Role in the Perception Management Game

Do You Understand the Investment Game of The Takers v. The Givers?

Adapt or Die

18 March 2022, skwealthacademy discussion thread: The Banking Perception Management Game

Don't Believe the Hype!

Russian Gold Sanctions: The Conclusion

Will Russian Gold Sanctions Reveal the Emperor Has No Clothes? Part II, the Conclusion

Will Russian Gold Sanctions Finally Reveal that The Emperor Has No Clothes?

Sorry, No Live Discussion Thread This Week. I'll Be Back Next Week with the Regular Friday Thread

Well, That Didn't Take Long

11/Mar/22 - The Live Friday Discussion Thread Topic: The Banking Cartel Bitcoin Perception Management Game

The Banking Cartel Bitcoin Perception Management Game

Swedish Scientists Find a Strong Link Between Pfizer mRNA Drug and Auto-Immune Hepatitis

While Everyone's Focused on Russia, China is Likely Expediting Their Plans for a Gold-Backed Currency

4 March 2022, the skwealthacademy discussion thread- Connect the Dots: Artificially Created Perceptions to Control Reality in the Financial World (Interest Rate and Crypto Narratives)

The Next Big Short, Part II

Tell Me Why This Makes You an Authority on This Topic?

the Friday, 4 March, skwealthacademy live thread topic, 8:30AM, Phila, USA time

The NEW Big Short

Who Says There's No Relationship Between BTC and Gold Prices?

25 Feb 2022, skwealthacademy substack thread: Connecting the dots in a tangled web of politics, psychology and investing

Why is Nobody Speaking About the Sixty Times Growth of This Market, Part II

Why Is NOBODY Speaking About this Market Growing SIXTY TIMES in Less Than a Year?

18 Feb, The weekly Friday skwealthacademy discussion thread: Why the Herd is Wrong the Majority of the Time

The Discussion Thread Topic for this Friday, 18 February, 8:30AM – 9:00AM Philadelphia, USA Time

skwealthacademy’s John Kim Predicted This Cryptocurrency Would Crash to $1 in July 2021 When it Was at $76. It Went to Less Than $9 This Week.

Who Has More Power in the Immediate, Short & Long Term? Gold Fundamentals or Gold Manipulators?

the weekly skwealthacademy discussion thread: let's talk gold facts v. gold propaganda

Let's Talk Gold

Are US Federal Reserve Bankers Really Powerful Enough to Prevent a US Stock Market Crash

the inaugural skwa substack discussion thread!

When Will I Be Providing a Subscription Level of My Newsletter With Even Higher Value Investment Content?

China and India Definitely Do Not Believe that "Gold is Dead"

NEW: Discussion Threads Starting from This Friday, Every Week, 8:30AM to 9:00 AM EST (Philly, USA time)

I Wrote About the Absolute Greatest Threat to World Stability More than Two Years Ago

The Follow Up

It's Just a Question of When

The Last Two Years of Covid Lockdowns Have Not Been About Protecting Our Health

If You Believe in Life, Liberty and Justice, Divest of These Thirty Stocks

A Look Back at My Only Failed Prediction Since Launching My Substack

The BTC Community Insisted Gary Gensler and BTC ETFs Would Be Awesome for Future Prices. I Insisted the Opposite Would Be True

A Possible Third Big Winner?

Covid Lockdowns Have Created a World of Fight, Flight Or Obey. Which One Are You?

Is it Time to Abandon the ARKK Before the Ark Sinks?

The BTC Price Chart Has Just Formed a Head and Shoulders Pattern. What Does it Mean?

First They Paralyze Our Minds With Fear, Then They Paralyze Our Bodies With Drugs, Part I

A Review of My 2021 skwealthacademy Substack Predictions

The Missing Audio Podcast: Four Questions & a Story

Four Questions & a Story