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The Metaverse is Creating a Soft-as-Marshmallow, Dumb-as-a-Rock Generation that is Too Scared to Live Life

After Our Massive Success with Shorting AMC, Here's Another Short Strategy to Consider

The Matrix Ressurections: A Review of its Social Commentary Message

The Little Understood Psychological Game of Banker Asset Price Rigging

Why Academics is Full of Empty Calorie Education

He Who Has a Why to Live for Can Bear Almost Any How

Why Life Purpose is So Integral to My Business and Wealth Building Focused Academy

What is the End Goal of Getting All 8 Billion of Us Injected with Covid Shots?

A Brief Interlude About the Important Things in Life

The Interlude (to a World Full of Scientologists, Parts I and II)

How Scientologists Have Taken Over the World (Really...But Not Really), Part I

Everything Horribly Wrong With the Institutional Education System, Part 1: The 9 Non-Negotiable Pillars of skwealthacademy

Truth is the Pill Most Investors Refuse to Swallow

A Quick Review of the Investment Guidance Provided on the skwealthacademy Platform Within the Past Few Weeks

The Curious Case of the Unprosecutable JP Morgan Banking Criminals

How the False BTC Whale Narratives Continue to Harm the HODLers

A Quick PSA: The Immense Value of a skwealthacademy patreon membership

And Here’s Why Technical Chart Analysis Does NOT Work

For Better Results, Trade BTC, Don’t HODL, and Discount the Opinion of the Mob

The One Chart to End All the Clownspeak of "Transitory" Inflation Not Hurting the Common Folk

Why HODLing for the "Good of the Community" MEANS HODLing for the Benefit of the Richest Whales and is a Dumb as a Rock Strategy

What's Behind the Cryptocurrency/BTC Selloff Today, and What Should We Expect Moving Forward?

#AMCApes, AMC Share Price at a Crucial Make or Break Point Now

One of this Investment Asset or 2,112 of Another?

If We Need to Ask Permission for Our Freedom, We Ain't Free!

Gold Price Squeeze Campaign, The Epilogue

Reddit Army: Central Banks are Prime for a Gold Price Squeeze Right Now!

Reddit Army: Central Banks Are Prime for a Gold Short Squeeze Now!

A Blast from the Archives:

Banker Speak : “Can’t”, “No”, and “Won’t” Means “Can”, “Yes” and “Will”

The Brewing Monetary Race Between a Fed Reserve Cryptocurrency and Digital Gold Yuan Launch

The 10 Commandments of a Fair and Equitable Monetary System (Why Gold, Not BTC or ETH, Can Save the World)

US S&P500 Chart Pattern Now Similar to 2015 Immediately Prior to a Big US Stock Market Crash

The Necessity of Avoiding Group Think For Future Financial Survival

Ten Critical Life Lessons I Learned During Eighteen Months of Lockdown

How Science Ignorance Translates into Investment Ignorance

The Possibility No One Has Considered

Three Critical Investment Rules Abandoned by the New Generation of Cryptocurrency Investors (and Gold and Silver Remain Solid Despite Recent Weakness)

Science as a Candle in the Dark: How the Oligarchs Fooled Us into Rejecting Science and Embracing Lies

The Age of Spin in Everything

September Precious Metals, Commodities and Stock Financial Analysis, skwealthacademy Patrons Only

Are You Missing Out on a Wealth of Valuable Financial Information?

Disclosed Documents Reveal Purpose of Pandemic

Bitcoin Maximalists Are Dead Wrong About Their "Gold is Dead" Narrative

What Do Plummeting Copper Prices Mean for Our Global Economic Future?

The Ministry of Propaganda: Gold is NOT an Inflation Hedge!

$600M Defi Poly Network Theft Child's Play v. the Most Dangerous Cryptocurrency Vulnerability?

Deconstructing Banker Fraud, Global Poverty, & Gold and Silver Smashes

Absolutely ZERO Reason to Panic About the Gold and Silver Price Smash

The End of the Eviction Moratorium to Create Mass Homelessness in America, and Politicians Don't Care

August Roundup, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil, Mining Stocks and More: Premium Patron Content

Soaring Commodity and Food Prices, Part 2

Are The Tech Titans Pushing a Global Medical and Information Apartheid Agenda?

Soaring Commodity Prices Plus Global Lockdowns is a Formula for Apocalyptic Disaster

Follow the Money, Part 2: Understand Significant Future BTC and ETH Price Movements (Premium Content, Patrons Only)

Connecting the Dots: The Making of a Gold Heist, Part I

Which Market is Right? US Corporate Junk Bond Yields that Project a No Risk Environment or o/n Repo Markets that Project Enormous Financial Systemic Risk

Two Solid Stock Opportunities, Patron Access Only

What Has Been Said About the Basel 3 Effects on Gold v. The Truth, Part II (Premium Content for Patrons)

Does this Chart Guarantee Further US Stock Market Gains and Make USD Hyperinflation Impossible?

Critical Bitcoin Truths Never Discussed by Bitcoin Millionaires

Has the Cult of Bitcoin Misled You Regarding Future Risks?

hard hitting truths about financial events focusing on precious metals, cryptos, and other commodities unanalyzed in the mainstream world

What Has Been Said About the Basel III Effects on Gold V. What is Really the Truth (Premium Content for Patrons), Part I

What Has Been Said About the Basel III Effects on Gold V. What is Really the Truth (Abbreviated)

Why Technical Analysis Will Cause You to Lose out on Great Investment Opportunities, Using an Australian Gold Mining Company as an Example (Benefactor Patron premium content)

Three Likely Consequences of the Surging o/n Reverse Repo Markets in the US You Need to Understand NOW (Benefactor Patron Premium Content)

You Must Exit the Decaying US Banking System While You Can

Can Science Explain the Recent Pentagon Disclosure of UFO Videos?

For Now, Basel III Regulations Impact Upon Gold Prices Are Much Ado About Nothing

The Undisclosed Truth about the UK FCA Binance Ban

Financial Analysis to Accompany July Patreon Podcast #3 (patrons only)

Has the Cult of Bitcoin Misled You Regarding Future Risks? (And a Vital BTC Warning Specific to Indian HODLers)

Why ETH, Not BTC, is the Future of Cryptocurrency

Is the Biggest Bitcoin Crash Still Ahead of Us?

How to Find Solid Financial Guidance in a Sea of Sharks

Does this Chart Guarantee Further US Stock Market Gains and Make USD Hyperinflation Impossible?

A Look Back at a Year-Old Yuan/USD Forex Rate Prediction

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil, USD, Stock Market and Precious Metals Mining Stock Update, Patrons Only

What Now for Bitcoin Prices?

Will Unregulated AI Development by Silicon Valley Lead to an Extinction Level Event?

Critical Bitcoin Truths Never Discussed by BTC M(B)illionaires

A Candid Discussion About the True Risk of Cryptocurrencies

skwealthacademy Predictions for Global Stock Markets

Irrational DOGE Coin Prices Fit Irrational DOGE HODLer Beliefs

What the CME Stop and Issues Report Predicts for Future Gold and Silver Prices (Benefactor patron only access)

Gold, Silver, Platinum Mining Stock Analysis for Benefactor Level Patreons Only

What Will CME Data Reveal About Bullion Bank Gold and Silver Purchases in the Past Few Months?

Corporate Indecency: Build a Worse Mousetrap to Deliberately Cheat Customers and Maximize Profit Margins

When All Assets Rise in All Currencies, It's Time to Admit Central Bankers Have Broken the System

The One Chart that Exposes Journalistic Repugnancy

The Most Important Bitcoin Podcast Ever

What Bitcoin, Doge Coin and NFTs Have in Common with Gold, Silver and Oil

Enstein's Fallacy, Occam's Razor Losing Steam, and BTC Risk

The Best Gold Mining Stock Moving Forward (For Benefactor Level Patrons Only)

No Words Necessary for this Chart of the US Central Bank Balance Sheet

Insane Asset Prices are the New Normal

April Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil, USD, Stock Market, and PM Mining Stock Analysis for Patreons Only (Benefactor Level and Higher Members)

Stop Self-Sabotaging the Most Important Choices in Life

Absurd NFT Prices Expose a Financial House of Cards

US Corporate Junk Bond Yields Warning of Trouble Ahead?

The Most Important Thing to Understand About the Ongoing Global Economic Crisis

Decoding the Bitcoin Conundrum

Why the Silver Squeeze Failed to Launch Silver Prices Last Month, As Advertised

David Portnoy to Launch a "Pump and Dump" ETF?

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil, USD, Stock Analysis (for Benefactor Patreon Members Only)

Bill Gates: The New J.P. Morgan and David Rockefeller

Announcing the New "One Small Action, One Big Result" skwealthacademy Podcast Series

US Dollar Hyperinflation Used to Be a Long Shot. Not Anymore!

A Structurally Deficient US Economy Will Soon Implode Again

Are GLD and SLV Legitimate? A Gem from the skwealthacademy Archives

Learn How Silver Margin Hikes Create Silver Price Smashes

The Most Mind Blowing Conspiracy Theory Ever

The Coming Indian Bitcoin Ban

Gold and Silver Price Analysis for February 2021, Bonus Post for Benefactor Patrons Only

Which One of These 7 Widely Believed Finance Myths Do You Believe That Keep You Swimming in Risk?

Accompanying Analysis to Patron Only February Podcast #3

The REAL Squeeze is in Gold and Silver, NOT in Gamestop and AMC stock

Explained: Why Silver Prices Plummeted After My Predicted Silver Margin Hike Happened (For skwealthacademy Patrons Only

#175: Two Secret Tips for Profitable Investing

Redditors Apply Gamestop Short Squeeze Strategy to Exploding Silver. Why This Matters.

#174: Old (Dog) School Mentality for the Win

26 January 2021, US Stock Markets: Four Pictures Worth Thousand of Words

Why John Kim of skwealthacademy Disagrees with Bloomberg about a New Bitcoin ETF Being Positive for BTC HODLers

#173: Why I Do What I Do (And a Call For Your Feedback)

#172: Is Privacy a Right of the Past?

Food Prices Around the World Soar, But Inflation Remains…Incredibly Low?

The Death of Critical Thinking

#170: My 2020 Prediction of Bitcoin's Price Doubling in 2021 Has Already Come True. Now What?


The Narrative, “History Always Repeats Itself”, is a Patently Deceptive One

#168: The Dystopian 1984 Future Has Been in the Works for Over a Century

#167: Martial Arts Lessons I Teach Students to Develop a Warrior Spirit

8 January 2021, Patron Only Article (gold, silver, stocks)

#166: Sample skwealthacademy Patron Only Podcast

The Ugly Immoral Manifesto of Social Media Platforms

#165: How to Succeed in the Year of Deception in 2021

Precious Metals/Stock Analysis for Patrons (Benefactor + Level), 4 Jan 2021