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A Review of 2020 skwealthacademy Predictions

Use the Extreme Adversity of 2020 to Crush Self-Imposed Limitations and Soar to New Heights

Gold, Silver, Platinum Charts and Analysis (Patrons Only, Benefactor Level) for the week of 21 December, 2020

Patron Analysis for Specific Gold and Silver Assets, Patron Only

#163: Why Social Media is MUCH Worse than We Think

Still Not Completely Out of the Danger Zone for Gold and Silver Prices

Important Precious Metals and Stock Market Update, 5 Dec 2020

Gold and Silver Prices Have Not Bottomed Yet

#162: Why National College Exams Should Be Banned (And the UnspokenTruth Behind the Lockdowns)

#161: Do the People You Surround Yourself with Elevate You or Dumb You Down?

#160: TheBiggest Misunderstanding About the Law of Attraction

#159: Bitcoin to Soar in 2021

Pushback Against Lockdowns is Paved by Self-Reliance and Critical Thought

#158: The Hidden, Misunderstood Link Between Bitcoin Futures and Bitcoin Prices

#157: the skwealthacademy 2020 Man of the Year, the Unthinking Compliant Pod

2020 Man of the Year: The Unthinking Compliant Pod

Why High Level Critical Thinking is Essential for Investing Profits (& Can Literally Save Your Life)

How to Invest in Gold and Silver Post US Election, Patrons Only

How Will Gold and Silver Prices React to the 2020 US Presidential Election Results?

#155: Direct Proof of the High Value of an skwealthacademy Patreon Membership

#154: Have We All Lost Our Grip Reality?

Dissatisfied with the State of America? The Blueprint for How to Take the Power Back

#153: The Best Vote to Empower People is No Vote for the Two Party System

#152: Misanthropocene, the Age of Perpetual Warfare and Deception (And What to Expect in 2021)

Misanthropocene, the Age of Perpetual Warfare and Deception (And What to Expect in 2021)

How the Ruling Class Uses the Science Fallacy of No Faith and Absolutes to Create Compliance

#149 | Special Election Edition, FNOTHAP, Vol. 11, Election Paralysis, Leon Black, Jeffrey Epstein, US Eviction Crisis & More

"I Can't Wait For This Year to Be Over!" skwealthacademy podcast #148

Horsefeed Masks for CA Restaurant Diners, Raspberry Pi, Gold & More | skwealthacademy podcast #147

CME Data Reveals that Big Bullion Banks Have Clawed Back Considerable Physical Gold and Silver Losses in Recent Months

The Ticking Time Bomb of Global Financial Markets

The Real Reason China is Demonized

The Number One Problem with University Education Today

The Low ROI of an MBA Education

Four Reasons Why Gold Mining Executives Often Possess Very Distorted Views of Future Gold Price Behavior

The Devastating Psychological, Physical And Financial Outcome of Covid19 Lockdowns, in 8 Minutes

A Guide to Avoiding the Road to Serfdom: David Goggins v. FA Hayek

Why Holding Warrants on COMEX Gold is Foolish

skwealthacademy's Financial News of the Horrific & Parasitic, Vol. 7, 31 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2020

Why TikTok Millenials Should Cease Robinhood Day Trading

My Most Important Message Since the Lockdown Began

Launching a Go Fund Me Campaign, Re: help launch skwealthacademy

China Tightens its Squeeze on New York and London Gold Futures Markets

Eight Unanswered Questions About the Very Curious Case of JP Morgan Gold Spoofing John Edmonds

Eleven Rules for Surviving Economic Lockdown

Why the Death of Original Thought is Ushering in the New World Order

Red Flags of a Complete Global Financial Meltdown Keep Appearing

Viral Pandemics, Precious Metal Analysis and National Tragedies All Aptly Illustrate the Pervasive Mentality Responsible for the Decline of Intelligence in Western Civilization

After Yesterday's Big Gold and Silver Price Declines, Here's What I Expect to Follow, Patron Only Access

The Great Global Economic Reset Spells an End to Financial Freedom

Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Analysts that You Should Immediately Unfollow

The Most Important and Only USD Chart You Will Ever Need to Track, Patron Only Article

Bullion Banks Continue to Hemorrhage Physical Gold, and Now, Also Physical Silver

The Public Health Disaster of Sweden’s No Lockdown Policy (According to Western Media) Summed Up in Two Charts

With Economic Failure Always Comes War

Weekly Wrap-Up. Financial News of the Horrific and Parasitic, 20-24 July, 2020

A Prime Opportunity Developing to Purchase a Spectacular Gold Mining Stock for Those that Missed the Initial 400%+ Climb in Prices, Patrons Only

Did China Foil Western Banking Spoofing of Gold Markets in Shanghai this Month?

July Options Strategies for skwealthacademy patrons

Is China's Gold Plan Revealed in its Yuan/USD Forex Charts?

Truth Lies with System Outcomes, Not the Stated Intentions of its Architects

My Gold and Silver Price Predictions Came True. What Comes Next?

Gold and Silver Price Analysis for the End of June, patron only article

Gold Disinformation Reported by the Mass Media

skwealthacademy Mid-Year Financial Review: What You Need to Know to Survive H2 2020

A Gold Chart that Still Shocks People

Precious Metals Outlook, 17 June 2020 (Patron Only Article)

The Danger of Trading Nearly Untradeable Stock Markets

A Quick Primer, re: Future Bitcoin Price

The End of Individualism and Free Choice, as Explained by Mr. Robot Season 4

Are You a 1 or a 0? Be Neither. Become a 2.

The USD is About to Breach the Point of No Return

Get Your Financial Life in Order Now Before It's Too Late

Punishment and Accountability are the Keys to Ending Police Brutality

Stagflation: The Worst of All Worlds for the People, The Best of All Worlds for Giant Corporations?

Can a Presidential Executive Order End the Censorship of Big Tech?

Two Mind Boggling Financial Charts Receiving Zero Press Due to the Pandemic

More Fireworks for the US Dollar, Forex, Gold and Silver Markets Coming Soon

How We Can Parlay Joe Rogan’s Courageous Decision into Much Greater Liberty

Recent skwealthacademy Investment Tips that Returned Massive Stock Profits

The Growing Case for Hyperinflation of the US Dollar

Build Your Best Life: A Holistic Approach to Wealth, Happiness and Success

Connecting the Global Pandemic Lockdowns and Wealth Preservation for the 1%

Bankers Continuing to Lose their War Against Gold and Silver

A Quick Performance Review of skwealthacademy Investment Suggestions from January/ February

Investment Opportunities, Precious Metal and Specific Stock Opportunities, Transcendent Level skwealthacademy patrons Only, 6 May 2020

Why Speaking Out Equals Freedom and Love is the Force the TPTB Fears the Most (skwealthacademy podcast #89)

Financial Analysis and Outlook, Including Specific Gold and Silver Stock Opportunities, Patron Only Access

The Real Reasons Behind the Global Pandemic Lockdown

The Persistent Gold and Silver Price Illusion

Prologue to the Real Reasons Behind the Global Pandemic Lockdown

Beware the Coming Implosion of Global Education, Finance and Labor

When I Discovered that Truth Was Dangerous, and Escaping the Insidious Perception Management Game

The Biggest Undiscussed Risk in the Global Financial System, Part 2, Transcendent Patron Access Only

Improve Your Wealth During the Global Pandemic Lockdown

The Latest CME Stops and Issues Report Reveals that Bankers are Hemorrhaging Physical Silver to Start April

Precious Metals Dealers: If the CME Artificially Creates Dips in Paper Gold and Silver Futures Prices by Raising Margins, Stand Your Ground

Sneak Peek 1 into Transcendent Level skwealthacademy Patron Opportunities Discussed this Past February 2020

Has the Joe Rogan Podcast Gone From Defiant to Compliant?

The Biggest Risk that Exists in the Global Financial System that No One is Discussing, Part 1

The Authenticity Delusion

The COMEX Issues and Stops Reports Expose COMEX Physical Gold Supply Problems

The Common Ground Shared by Plunging Oil Prices and Decoupling Physical and Paper Gold and Silver Prices

How the Corporate Greed Pandemic Personified by Goldman Sachs Morphed into a Global Viral Pandemic

How the skwealthacademy news site could have made you millions over the past year

Most Gold and Silver Experts You Hear on Financial News Shows Have Very Little Understanding of How Gold and Silver Markets Function

Violent Price Divergences Are Developing Between Physical Precious Metals and Futures Prices

Coronavirus Facts Still Not Disclosed in America

Americans, I Recommend You Panic about the Coronavirus

A Month Ago, I Told You These Fourteen Stocks Were Going to Crash

Future Expectations for Gold and Silver Prices

skwealthacademy’s Perfect Financial Storm Predictions and What’s Ahead

Central Bankers Now Between a Rock and a Hard Place

US Central Bankers Will Quickly Cut the Fed Funds Interest Rate Now

Gold and Silver Prices Did Not Rise on the Back of the Coronavirus Threat (and the Quiet Act of Raising Margins on Gold and Silver Futures)

Are Westerners Underestimating the Threat of Coronavirus? A Look at Facts v. Myth on the Ground in Asia

Summary of Discussed Investment Opportunities over the Last Few Weeks - Transcendent Level Patrons Only

Could Central Bankers Scapegoat Coronavirus for the Next Imminent Global Economic Crisis?

What Do Crashing Emerging Market Currencies Signal About Future Gold and Silver Prices?

Central Bankers' Belief that Cutting Interest Rates is the Panacea for All Crises Will Eventually Fail, Sparking Higher Gold and Silver Prices

The Necessity to Question Mass Media Journalism (About Nearly Everything)

Why the Ongoing Case of the JP Morgan Banker Charged with Gold Spoofing May Hold the Key to Future Gold Prices

The Greater the Inaccuracies in Financial Reporting, the Bigger the Platform and the More Aggressively the Media Labels One an “Expert”

The Health Benefits of Fasting and Autophagy: Why I Fast for 24 Hours Once Every Week and Intermittent Fast Daily

The Oft-Ignored Question: Discovering if Our Food is Toxic

How Today’s US Jobs Data Will Affect Gold and Silver Prices and More Thoughts about the Coronavirus

The Underreported Economic Consequences of the Wuhan Coronavirus

Gold and Silver Prices are Likely to Rise on Global Coronavirus Fears

Investment Opportunities for the Start of 2020: Patrons Only

Will Coronavirus Be the Black Swan that Pops the Bubble of Everything in 2020?

The Things We Believe that are Untrue

Why Climate Hysteria, Water Scarcity and Increased Surveillance Will Dominate Media Headlines in 2020

Gold and Silver Preparing for the Come Up (But Not Quite Yet)

Gold and Silver Update (For Transcendent Patrons Only), 20/21 January 2020

Does Earning $34K a Year Really Place You Among the Top 1% of Income Earners in the World?

Gold and Silver Prices to Bounce Higher Soon?

Gold and Silver Update, for Patrons (Transcendent Level) Only

Gold Update for 15 January 2020

Four Photos that Prove Financial Journalism is Dead

The Parasitic Warfare Between the Banking Class and Humanity, as Explained by the Brilliant Film, Parasite

Why Understanding Truth in Politics Greatly Increases Understanding Truth in Finance

The Shocking Answer to Who is Buying Unsustainable US Government Debt?