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Fraud Eventually Always Loses, Smart Money Prepares, Dumb Money “Hopes”, & Mainstream Media Mimics Wall Street Memes

Gold Performance, Wealth Preservation, and a Pending US Stock Market Crash

To Thrive During these Currency Wars, Don't Believe Your Own Hype (Lessons Learned From Rousey v. Holm)

A Critical Warning About the New Indian Gold Demonetization Plans

Is This the Gold and Silver Mining Stock Washout for Which We’ve Been Waiting All Year Long?

This Event Should Serve Notice to the Clear and Present Danger that Exists to Our Bank Accounts

We’ve Called All the Big Gold & Silver Downturns This Year…But Our Next Call Will Be the Most Important One

How to Properly Value Gold?

Danger in Gold & Silver Markets is Elevated for the Next Couple of Weeks

The Dirty Truth the Commercial Investment Industry Doesn't Want You to Know About HFTs

Booming Physical Gold & Silver Demand Still Won't Significantly Boost Fake Paper Derivative Prices in the Immediate Term

The S&P 500 is Now Down -8.6% YTD. What's Next?

SKU_Vlog_009: Why It's Such a Struggle to Make Ends Meet, Explained in 8 Minutes

Two Simple Ways to Immunize Yourself From Central Banker Propaganda & Lies

The Hype Surrounding Today's Federal Reserve Interest Rate Decision is Way Overblown

Plan for the Next Financial Crisis BEFORE it Happens

We're in a Raging Bear Market for Honor & Integrity Today

maalamalama_Vlog_005: Understand 6 Sigma Events to Predict Financial Market Behavior Accurately

How We're Beating the Market Riggers During This Period of Extreme Volatility in Global Stock Markets

8 Charts that Illustrate the Necessity of Owning Gold & Silver

The Key to Earning Positive Yields During Uncertain Global Markets & Stock Market Crashes

Have Gold & Silver Finally Bottomed?

The Only Graph You Need to See to Understand the S&P500 Is Already Broken and Ripe to Break Further

The Financial World in Review - Fragile Markets, Fragile Currency, Fragile Economies

The Only Sustainable Solution for the Greek Debt Problem: Greece Must Grexit

The REAL World Series of Poker (the Global Currency War) is Heating Up

Something Wicked This Way Comes

How Bankers Intervened and Stopped a US Stock Market Crash on July 8

What Really Caused the NYSE Shut Down For Nearly Four Hours on July 8th?

Gold and Silver Are Crashing. What's Next?

maalamalama Emergency Podcast: July 5th Greek Referendum & Implications for Global Freedom, Gold & Silver

MSM Lies v. Independent Media Truth

Don't Be Faked Out By the Stock Market Head Fakes

Here's What We Said to Expect from US Payroll Numbers, Silver and Gold Markets Yesterday, and Here's What Happened

maalamalama Podcast #10: Free Your Mind

Here's Why Nothing in the MSM Financial News is Believable Today

Evidence of Runaway Inflation: Would You Pay $82MM for This?

When Bankers Strike

Podcast #6: Deciphering the Language of Lies

Podcast #5: Everything Wrong With Banking Today

I Predicted Bankers Would Ban Cash Nearly 3 Years Ago

The Taxi Driver Moment for Chinese Stocks

Podcast #4: Gold & Silver Propaganda V. Truth

Is A University Education Today Worth the Cost?

What We Can Learn From 26-Year Old Larry Sanders’s Decision to Walk Away From $21MM of a $44MM NBA Contract

Sometimes to Uncover the Truth, You Have to Start with a "Conspiracy Theory"

maalamalama Podcast #2: The Necessity of Diversity to Understanding Truth

maalamalama Podcast #1

Use the Golden Rule Daily to Make Everyone's Life Better

The Curious Case of Germany's Gold Repatriation Efforts

Forex Chaos, Gold & Silver

2014 Year in Review: Gold, Silver & Banker Suicides