Why a Strong and Balanced Mind, Body & Spirit is Critical to the Production of Consistent, Sustainable Investment Returns


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Before you dismiss this podcast as “not for you”, as I’m sure that this podcast’s title will elicit such a knee-jerk reaction in some, let me explain that every accurate prediction that I’ve made on this platform and every successful excursion into wealth building has been a direct result of strengthening these three elements of my life. Most people understand that a well-balanced physical, mental and spiritual life is necessary for a well-balanced, happy life but not too many understand that is also absolutely necessary for sustainable, successful wealth building as well.

Central Bankers are 100% taking us down a sinister path of control, subjugation and enslavement with their Great Reset plan that requires a devolution into a cashless, 100% digital economy. If you are not strong of body, mind and spirit, not only will you (1) never take action to take counteractive measures necessary not to succumb to this plan, but (2) you will also never understand the plan as it unfolds as a weak mind is most vulnerable to financial propaganda campaigns that are happily being distributed by mass financial media at the current time. This means that it will be impossible for you to invest in the correct assets to protect yourself and you will be misled into investing in assets promoted as “best for you” but actually meant to destroy your wealth.

Most importantly, if you are of weak mind and weak spirit, you will not defy and resist this plan, nor take action to inform others to do so, thus greatly weakening the collective chances of all of us to have a free financial future. Certainly, it is possible to get lucky in investing.

But without a strong mind and spirit, it will be impossible to keep those profits.

In a world of massive deceit, truth tellers are extremely rare. This means that the great majority of financial information one encounters on social media and online is going to be deceitful and untruthful.  Therefore, one can only have the clarity of perception to execute profitable investment strategies, but more importantly to keep one’s profits when one secures gains, if one develops a strong mind immune to the constant deceptive and disingenuous investment environment that persists today. As a long-time martial artist,  we often speak of the necessity of developing a warrior spirit on the path to becoming a skilled martial artist. In today’s world, only the Great Deceivers and the Warrior Spirits will survive the implosion of the Bubble of Everything. And as you know, being on the side of the Great Deceivers, those that exploit their naïve followers to become wealthy, is not an option.

So, when you have a half-hour of free time this week, if you truly care about creating a free financial future for all of us, I strongly encourage all of you to watch the above podcast in its entirety.

Podcast shownotes:

The complete film, Freedom to Fascism, by Aaron Russo

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