You asked "Please tell me in the comments below the reasons why you believe global bank CEOs to this day, are still not perceived in the same criminal light as someone like Sam Bankman-Fried."

2 possible reasons:

1) Goebbels says repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it.

2) The percentage of US population involved in crypto is negligible there fore unimportant for support in many forms.

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Hey hey

I was wondering and I realize this is not financial advice but I have corporate accounts with more cash than is needed for day to day and want to move it to metals but there are so many different stories.

Is Bullionvault or Bullionstar a viable choice? Monex creates business accounts and they use Brinks to store metals. Brinks NY sure does not sound safe to me but the truth is What the fuck do I know. Zilch when you get down to it.

Having it in a home is nuts. Or is it.

I know a few who have a total net worth of 1 - 3 mill US that have a few hundred K in Switzerland with Egrev or whatever his name is. It seems that getting your metal from him if the world goes on it's course will be a tough reality. Or not tough.

What thoughts should I toss away?


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I read this article on ZeroHedge today about the current banking crisis. Very clearly written and easy to understand for the average person. The financial world seems amazingly complex to most of us. But looked at factually, as this articel does, it's amazing that so many financial experts don't seem to see what's really happening.


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The condensed version, in summary of your article:

"...bankers merely operate within the gray realm that is still legal but very much unethical, dishonorable and would be fully illegal under a criminal justice system that actually adjudicated “right versus wrong”, instead of upholding the status quo system that very inequitably funnels and transfers wealth to a fraction of the top 1% of the richest while working against the best interests of the rest of us."

You're exactly right! The con (false CONfidence) game continues for now. In the forseeable future, we'll see how this house of cards handles the de-dollarization shifts of Russia, China, Iran and their trading partners. Stay tuned for more quakings, shakings and eruptions.

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