May 6, 2022 • 19M

The Secret Sauce to the Enormous Yields I've Produced in the Investment Opportunities I've Discussed Here on Substack and on My Patreon Platform, Pt. 1

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John Kim
The skwealthacademy podcast will challenge you to think about finance and money in ways you never have before, especially if you have a PhD in economics or an MBA
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Since I knew I had no time to run the live discussion thread this morning as usual, I recorded late last night, Part 1 of a two part podcast about the principles I’ve used to achieve consistent, repetitive enormous yields on investment opportunities discussed here on my substack platform and on my patreon platform as well.

Most of the meat on the bone of this discussion will be in Part 2, which I’ll release next week, so stay tuned. Have a blessed and beautiful Friday and weekend everyone.

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