Dec 22, 2021 • 15M

The Little Understood Psychological Game of Banker Asset Price Rigging

(that prevents the majority of investors from buying and selling assets at the right time)

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John Kim
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Despite the fact that I’ve been speaking about this subject on my now retired YouTube channels and on my financial news blog for more than two decades, the overwhelming majority of investors to whom I speak today still do not understand the psychological game of banker asset price rigging. Unfortunately, their 100% reliance on technical chart analysis, whether it’s in the crypto game, the commodity game, the stock trading game, or the precious metals game, always leads them right into the psychological traps set for them by the bankers.

In today’s podcast, I speak of some traps and behaviors executed by the bankers that I’ve observed repeatedly occur, dozens of times, over the past two decades, that have solidified in my mind the realilty of the banker executed psychological mind games being played in markets. Of course, two ways to make money in the investing game is to buy low, sell high and to  buy high, sell higher. I prefer buy low and sell high because risk management is far easier under the buy low, sell high scenario than under the buy high, sell higher scenario, as many cryptocurrency participants have discovered for the duration of this past year.

However, unfortunately in the world of investing, even though nearly all investors would rather buy low, sell high than attempt to buy high, sell higher for the reason I just provided above, almost no one abides by this fundamental rule of investing. Likewise, very few people abide by the corollary to this rule, which is to sell high and buy low. For example, other than my patrons (on the patreon platform) that abided by my selling guidance for Bitcoin this past April at $58,000, my buying guidance only after BTC fell below $30,000 this past July, and my guidance to sell again once BTC surpassed $66,000 early this past November,  I don’t know any BTC owners that abided by the sell high, buy low maxim other than my patrons during that time period.

And likewise, again, other than  my patrons, I’m not aware of a flood of people that have purchased any of the commodity stocks I’ve suggested in recent weeks, some of which have just skyrocketed higher by 8% to 17% over the past couple of trading days, due to the highly successful banker psychological games played for the entirety of this year that has destroyed nearly all interests in the group of stocks we recently bought on our patreon platform. Hopefully, today’s podcast will enable investors to understand that the assets most likely to perform well moving forward are almost never discussed on CNBC’s squawk box and are those being ignored and undiscussed.

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