Dec 14, 2021 • 28M

How Scientologists Have Taken Over the World (Really...But Not Really), Part I

Only in spreading their critical thinking skills (lack thereof) to covid and experimental mRNA drug narratives

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John Kim
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Billions of us have gone mental in how we process information today, thinking of ourselves as experts about topics we know little to nothing about in the fields of science, immunology, virology, vaccines, finance and politics. The oligarchs have worked their plan of dumbing people down to scientologists’ level of thinking to great success and made the phrases “I don’t know” and “I’m not sure” taboo in today’s society. Even refutations of this thesis are completely non-intellectual as people today, when confronted with fact-based dissent, merely resort to regurgitation of false narratives and state, “Oh, that’s been fact-checked and debunked”, as if a biased, agenda-driven, billionaire-funded fact checker merely stating something has been debunked, not actual hard facts that have undergone a rigorous analytical process, serves as adequate proof to dismiss a dissenting opinion.

Furthermore, quite popular as perhaps the second most common non-intellectual dismissal of actual scientific dissent regarding all covid narratives is the following rebuttal: “Oh, so I have to have a medical degree to have an opinion about _____ (fill in the blank, as the blank could be experimental mRNA drugs, the danger of the Omicron variant, etc.)?” Of course, the answer to this question is, “No.” One does not need to have a medical degree to have an opinion about anything covid, as even many of those with a medical degree are just talking heads for the oligarchs and spout a lot of non-scientific propaganda as well. But if one is going to be furiously and emotionally adamant that one’s view is correct, then one should never  be  so delusional as to dispense an ignorant perspective based upon fantasy and propaganda. Should one be spouting a very heated opinion, at the very least, one should have his or her ducks in a row regarding scientifically proven facts that have undergone rigorous inspection and analysis, and one shouldn’t flippantly dismiss facts with a casual statement of “Oh, that’s been fact checked and debunked” with no further proof of the scientific rigorous process by which the “fact-checker” has debunked an opinion you believe to be false. And for the love of God, if one really has no idea, then simply reply, “I don’t know.” I’ve replied, “I don’t know’ to many things just this month, because guess what? – I really didn’t know the answer to a question someone asked me.

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