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Thanks John! My discipline differs in different areas of my life. Some aspects it is top level, other areas it is poor. I do feel I probably hold the importance of being passionate about something higher than you by the sounds. If there is passion behind a course of action, subject, or endeavour then the discipline to keep at it becomes way easier. However maybe that isn't real discipline. Perhaps that's what you are getting at; real discipline is when you don't really want to do it in that moment but do it anyway knowing that the bigger picture goal is something you do want to achieve ideally. I'm one of the people you mention in that I have recently started a substack page. I see discipline as important as the posts won't write themselves if I don't have a plan and stick to it. The first four weeks, of one post a week on a Sunday, was disciplined and stuck to, usually by making notes during the week and then dedicating Sunday to writing until the post goes live. Nothing else was done on a Sunday until that post went live. I'm travelling and my schedule has been out of wack and I've slacked off (excuses). This is something I am regrouping to address now and am here now committing to getting out the next Sunday post and sticking to it again.

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